Charity Masterclass

Something for the connoisseur to savour ….

…… “Vintage Masterclass” Cricket

Masterclass photo


Farmers CC welcomes cricket aficionados to the Farmers Field for these charity matches designed for the “more mature” player – where the accent is on fun, participation and … avoiding injuries!

Two teams of hand-picked “veterans” and “enthusiasts” contest these 30-over matches. There is a charge of £10 per player made up of £5 match fee (towards club running costs) and £5 for a pack of raffle tickets. The proceeds of each match are donated to the club’s Charity of the Year. Players are asked to contribute towards refreshments or donate a raffle prize.

To qualify, players must generally be 40+ and the games are given a comic theme based around each player being the lesser known sibling of a well known personality or sportsman, but hiding a supposed “impediment” or “dark secret”. This is revealed at the start of the game, and each player wears a name badge showing their fictitious identity and their hidden secret!

The matches consist of 30 x 6-ball overs per side.

Batsmen scoring 25 runs must retire, but are able to bat again at the end of the innings. Slow scorers who have not made 25 within 40 balls must also retire.

Bowlers are limited to a maximum of 4 overs each.

No bowler may take more than 3 wickets – if a third wicket falls during an over, the over must be completed, but the bowler cannot claim another wicket ie. a run out is the only possible dismissal. Any bowler taking 3 wickets will not be able to bowl any further overs, once the present over is completed. Wides and no-balls count as two runs with no extra ball bowled.

*Golden Duck Avoidance Rule* – Every batsmen’s first ball is a “Free Hit”!!

Every duck and dropped catch attracts a £1 penalty for the fund.

Each individual score of 25 and each three wicket haul attracts a £1 charge (bragging rights!)


For any inquiries, please contact our President Robbie Perchard at [email protected].